Will Gaybrick | Thrive Capital

Will Gaybrick is a General Partner at Thrive Capital in New York City.

Will began his professional career as an analyst at the Blackstone Group in 2007 where he gained valuable experience in both Private Equity investment and corporate advisory. After eighteen months at Blackstone, he was recruited by Hunch.com, a consumer internet startup that was purchased by EBay in 2011. At Hunch, Will worked as a data scientist and backend engineer, devising, implementing, and testing the machine learning algorithms that power the Hunch platform. Will joined Thrive in July 2011 where he
focuses on investments of all stages and geographies, dividing his time primarily between New York, California and Brazil. He brings with him a diverse skill set spanning financial analysis, software engineering and law. He holds a J.D. from Yale Law School, where he won the William K. S. Wang prize for achievement in the study of corporate law and an A.B. in theoretical mathematics Cum Laude from Harvard College.