Dustin Dolginow | Atlas Venture

Dustin Dolginow is a principal in the technology group at Atlas Venture and works with emerging companies focused on SMB and payments as well as consumer facing innovation.

Prior to joining Atlas in 2009, Dustin frequented the New York tech scene as a first time co-founder at Social Swipe, an online platform for generating reviews at social venues with the swipe of a credit card. Entering the space with only an idea, a modicum of savings, and lots of passion, Dustin found a technical partner, iterated through several prototypes and became a practitioner of lean startup practices. The site continues as a side project and reminder of the challenges of building a sustainable web company.

Prior to entering early stage tech, Dustin began his career at Lehman Brothers, where he worked in the investment banking division on structured finance products. His three years on Wall Street provided a world of experience in global capital markets, fixed income instruments, and various liquidity structures.

Dustin received a BA with high honors from Middlebury College.