Founders: Danny Simon

Class 3


JobSync offers a simplified, graphical interface for a company’s existing applicant tracking system. JobSync automates frustrating, manual tasks with a single click, so any ATS becomes quicker and more efficient for the entire recruiting team. JobSync requires no IT resources to integrate seamlessly, and it’s so intuitive that recruiters and managers can begin using it without any training whatsoever.

JobSync, Inc. was founded by Danny Simon in 2011 to create easy recruiting software solutions for large organizations. JobSync has developed applications for Fortune 500 companies ranging from automated sourcing solutions to candidate matching engines. JobSync’s ATS interface has gained significant traction because ATS platforms can be extremely complex and frustrating for HR, and JobSync offers the simplest, most effective way to alleviate those headaches.

JobSync is a simple, intuitive interface for major applicant tracking systems. Our software overlays any ATS, integrating seamlessly and making it truly user-friendly.