Founders: Christopher Webb, Eric Jaffe, Josiah Carlson

Class 3


Harnessing the power of the three most productive channels for online ordering, the ChowNow system provides branded mobile apps, Facebook ordering and web ordering. As the pioneer of Facebook ordering, ChowNow has found the most effective and longterm Facebook monetization strategy for restaurant’s.

With ChowNow, restaurants retain meaningful relationships with their most engaged customers instead of funneling them to third party sites to complete orders. Additionally, ChowNow provides restaurants with the customer information they’ve been operating without. A veritable CRM, the ChowNow Dashboard stores customer information and deploys marketing and promotional messaging to drive orders. The ChowNow Marketing Team works with clients to customize their strategies for optimum effect.

ChowNow is an online ordering system for restaurants. By using branded mobile and social media tools, ChowNow enhances restaurants online presence and expands customer reach.