Dan Rodrigues | Kareo

Dan Rodrigues is the founder and CEO of Kareo, the only cloud-based medical office software and services platform dedicated to small practices.

Kareo’s unique platform, includes practice management, electronic health records (EHR), and billing services, which are affordable, intuitive, and easy to use.

Kareo, launched in 2004, has seen very rapid growth in recent years. With $38 million in venture financing, Kareo has doubled customer, revenues and employees for each of the past three years. Today, Kareo has over 200 employees and serves nearly 20,000 healthcare providers who each pay an average of about $200 a month.

Prior to launching Kareo, Dan designed technology for healthcare, and other industries, as a co-founder and managing partner of Skematix, a software consulting firm based in Southern California. Prior to Skematix, Dan was co-founder and CEO of Scour, a popular search engine for finding music and video content online that raised $12.5 million in venture financing and was used by more than 10 million consumers. Early in his career, Dan was a software developer at Visio and RealNetworks.

Dan holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles and is a resident of Orange County, California.