Andy Kleinman | Scopely

Andy is a media entrepreneur and investor with more than a decade of experience as a founder and executive at successful startups ranging from music, television, film and video games.

In 1998, he founded Emepe3, the first and one of the biggest online music websites in Spanish. After the sale of the company in 2004, Andy got involved in different startups as a consultant, board member and investor. He co-founded Vostu, one of the largest social gaming companies in Brazil. He later joined Three Melons, a gaming studio that was later acquired by Playdom, which is now part of The Walt Disney Company. Most recently he was a General Manager for Zynga, focusing on the companies' International growth. Andy is currently advising and investing in early stage Internet companies like Radical Studios, Urbita, Murally, Scopely, Senzari and others, as well as films, through his production company Massive, Inc.