Founders: Brendon McQueen, Steve Pomerantz

Class 4, the for student loans, is a personal finance tool focused on alleviating the growing pain felt by student borrowers who face increasing debt loads, a lack of transparency in a frustrating repayment process and a dismal jobs outlook. allows borrowers to easily access all their loans in one visually appealing dashboard, use graphical visualization tools to compare them and get customized loan optimization plans that take advantage of little-known and hard-to-understand refinancing options. Borrowers from over 130 universities, including the top 25 in the nation, have managed over $250 million and over 40,000 student loans on the platform. They’ve had some great press coverage (including recent praise from Fast Company Design and Forbes) and recently closed their seed round with participation from Mohr Davidow Ventures, early-stage investor Jerry Neumann, New York-based venture firm Mesa+, AF Square’s Troy Carter, Richard Wolpert, and Rob Glaser among others. is the for student loans. Their platform helps student loan borrowers manage and optimize their loan portfolios.